Arcadia Farm Update – Our Summer of Lyme and Mold

Happy September to all! It has been almost 6 full weeks since I last posted on this poor, abandoned blog.  Now I’ll fill you in on what we’ve been up to here at Arcadia Farm.

My mom was diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease and acute Bartonella in June.  She started treatment at the same time that we acknowledged a mold problem in our house.  We have had leaks and water issues in our house for a long time (the central log cabin part is from 1830 – old house!)  but as a result of this unusually moist spring and summer here in Virginia, the mold became more obvious on tables, toys and beds.  A test was done on Mama that shows that she has a genetic inability to process mold of any type.  Looking back, we all had some symptoms of mold exposure in recent years.  On doctor’s orders, Mama, Ola, William and I got out of the house in the first week of July and immediately started feeling better.  We have not been staying in our house since!

The first three weeks we stayed at our friend Julie’s house half an hour from the farm.  During that time Papa took care of the farm, worked on solving the problem of our moldy house and visited us at Julie’s.  With help and support from Julie and countless other friends, Mama was able to rest during the worst weeks of treatment.  Those three quiet, restful , and difficult weeks included swimming in Julie’s pool, reading, walking around the neighborhood, spinning, cooking and eating delicious, nutritious food and focusing on healing our bodies.  Next we headed out of town for a few great weeks with family at the beach and elsewhere in North Carolina.

Mama is now taking a break from Lyme treatment, focusing on detoxing from mold, and feeling better than she has in a long time.  And for the last three weeks we have been enjoying calling the cozy 11×11 log guest cabin home.  The cabin is nestled in the field to the side of our house with great views of the mountains, including Purgatory Mountain where Papa cut the logs that we used to build it.  Our dwelling includes a loft with a queen bed (and a spinning wheel since it is my room 🙂 ); a queen bed in the downstairs along with tables, chairs, etc.; a front porch and screened in side porch/ living room; and an outhouse.  You can see more pictures of it in the Cabin Help Exchange section of this blog, but here are some recent ones of our daily life in the lovely cabin.Image





We are basically living outdoors and I love it, especially in this crisp, cool weather that we have been having.  We cook on propane stoves and eat at picnic tables or on the porch.  We are daily forming our rythmn of cabin living and learning while working with a crew of helpers on cleaning every single thing we own and every single surface in our house in an effort to get rid of the mold.  It’s a great opportunity to go through STUFF and truckload after truckload has gone off to the Goodwill!

We’ve also been able to visit family and beach a second time in the last two months!ImageImageImage

It has been fun seeing what the farm can do with only the minimum care in the last few months.  We harvest the garden on and off, but other than that, Pemaculture is taking care of itself in any way it pleases.  It’s a little crazy in there, but there are still beautiful perennials blooming so thickly that they strangle some weeds and the vegetables are fighting it out on their own and still producing.  The goats and sheep are fat and glossy and needing very little maintainence these days; the poultry is moulting but doing well; and thank goodness for the dogs and cats.

Fall is coming in and you can feel it and see it these days here at Arcadia Farm.


I hope that these pictures show how much we are enjoying the good parts of this unusual summer and how it is all working out.

Now that you readers know what is going on, start looking for updates once a week!  We’ll see how long it lasts but right now that’s my goal!

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14 thoughts on “Arcadia Farm Update – Our Summer of Lyme and Mold

  1. Wow! Words are hard to come by. I’ve been thinking of you guys quite a bit, hadn’t imagined this.
    Please let me know if there is anything you need (still looks like paradise from here) camping wise, container wise, purification oil/theives? Love, Suzi B

  2. Hi Sophie

    Your blogs are amazing, and you paint such an incredible picture of your life. Really sorry to hear about Ki and the mould but relieved to hear she is getting better. Give her a big hug from Oli. How is the fiddle playing going? Looking forward to reading the next blog and seeing the fabulous photos. Who knows, maybe we will get out to USA soon. Lots of love to all,


    • Thanks Oli! Fiddling has not been a regular thing for me this summer, but I’ve still been playing on and off and loving it. I’ve been listening to a lot of music and also playing around with the mandolin some.
      We would love, love, love to see you all here in the U.S. and have you come stay in our little cabin once it is no longer filled up with the 4 of us! As you can see from the pictures, you all would definitely fit.
      I hope that your summer has been fabulous.
      Hope to see you soon.

    • Thank you. You came up just the other day – Mama still wants to send you family pictures when we are back in the house…

  3. I was wondering about all of you. I am sorry about your Mother,but it sounds like she is getting better. Hopefully, you can all move back in the house soon. Give my love to all. Even though I have lost my Mother, you will keep me on your lists as I do want to stay lose to all. Love, Barb

  4. Hi Sophie! I just found your blog. You take amazing photos and are a great writer! Keep it up.

    So sorry to hear about this issues with the house, but glad you all have been starting to feel better. Wishing things are still going well out there. Tell Kirsten, Thorpe, Ola and William I said hello! Thanks again for the great week this summer :).


  5. My husband and I are getting ready to move to this area from KY. I am very excited. It has been my dream to move to the VA mountains. So glad I found your blog via Pintrest.

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