Tour De Fleece Week 2 and 3 – Fiber, Animals, and Music

While week one of the Tour De Fleece was designated as food and fiber week on Ravelry, week two’s theme was animals and week three had a theme of music.



DSCF0324DSCF0326During week two I finished spinning and plying 2 skeins of wool from our sheep Pippi. It is now waiting to be dyed the color of Coral Aqua Reef and then I can start knitting it up into a Pippi scarf.  Then I started spinning some soft blue wool and more of Pippi.

We were staying at a friend’s house during animal week.  She is the kind of friend who is fine with me bringing BOTH my spinning wheels into her house as she welcomes our family for 3 weeks as we try to work out a mold problem in our house. As a result of not being at home, I don’t have many pictures of the animals to share with you. Although technically I am sharing some pictures  of some of our animals’ hair!

DSCF0327 Photos from Tour De Fleece

Music week I plied together the blue and white which made me dizzy as I watched the blue travel up the white like a barber shop sign.

photo 5

photo 4

photo 2 For some reason this yarn is calling out to me to be a hat, but I’m not sure yet. DSCF0370

DSCF0374 DSCF0378


DSCF0383The unspun wool in some of those pictures is what I spun the rest of music week, week three, the last week. It is a dreamy merino silk blend in a color called Black Cherry Moonshine. Don’t you just want to eat it? (Or drink it?)  I do!

A Help Exchanger who stayed in the cabin recently (Check out the section of the blog on Cabin Help Exchange if you are interested) was a great mandolin player and he and I played music together while he was here. Here are some evening pictures of jamming bluegrass on the porch taken by Mama.DSCF0237DSCF0230 DSCF0231 DSCF0252


You can also go to our friend’s blog, Pilgrims at Tinker Creek, to see beautiful pictures of a lovely evening spent at the Fincastle Winery with friends and music.

The Tour de Fleece got me back into the habit of spinning and reminded me of how much I enjoy playing with fiber. Here is what I accomplished in those three weeks. It was skeins of fun!

And now to knitting.


I promise I’ll give you a break from fiber now!

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