Tour De Fleece Week One – Fiber and Food

Team Mosaic kicked off Tour De Fleece 2013 with a lovely party at Mosaic Yarn Store in Roanoke. The team members and their wheels formed a circle around a table of delicious treats; eating, talking, laughing, knitting and most importantly spinning while listening to the whirring of the wheels and drop spindles.


The rest of week one, I focused on spinning wool from our sheep named Pippi Longstocking. She is famous as her father was the UNC mascot ram, Ramsey. I was hiking when Pippi was born and I’ve never gotten over the disapointment of missing our first lamb birth, although I’ve seen many more since then. Pippi is a Tunis Dorset cross and was born with the red coloring on her legs that is typical of the Tunis breed and reminded me of stockings – hence her name!  

The theme of the first week of Tour De Fleece was food and fiber and so, as those are two of my favorite things, here are some pictures.

This was my first post on the Tour De Fleece forum:


Skirting fleeces in the barn.Image

And for food – there is plenty of it in July!

Picking Shiro plums.ImageImageImagePoached duck eggs on gluten free muffins with prociutto and duck egg Holandaise sauce on top made at our dear friend Julie’s house. Oh my Yum!

ImageCanning Pepper Butter and Arcadia Farm Four Jewel JamImageImageImageAnd here is my second post from week one:ImageAnd my third:Image

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8 thoughts on “Tour De Fleece Week One – Fiber and Food

  1. I LOVE that picture of you surrounded by all the fleece (fleeces?) all the food looked delicious. Sophie, I’m in awe of all you do.

  2. So schoen, Sophie, keep the blogs coming.   Danke    Bussis  Omi Are you going to the beach??


  3. Sophie, your blog entries make me so happy! I LOVE how you present your pictures and writing, I want to come back to each entry again and again, to enjoy the beautiful pictures, your spinning, the animals, your food….keep blogging. Do you mind if I put a link from my blog to your blog, so I can introduce your blog to my readers?? Let me know… 🙂

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