After a rain, when the redbud and dogwood trees are in bloom, that’s when we look for the mushrooms. We look in the woods, in secret spots, on north-facing slopes, under poplar trees. But usually the morels surprise us and we almost step on them, because they weren’t where they were “supposed” to be!  Yes, they look like brains on stems, but they taste delicious- like earth and butter.  William and Ola love to pick them, and eat them.







Usually we just fry them in butter, but I also put some in to the Arcadia Farm wild Bibimbop. I got the idea from Fat of the Land and thought that it would be perfect since a Korean Restaurant is one of the closest yummy restaurants from our house and Ola and William love to talk about Bibimbop and Bulgogi. Our Bibimbop was Arcadia Farm venison marinated in a typical Bulgogi marinade, Arcadia Farm asparagus, nettles, morels and green onions, and stir fried carrots on top of rice with a fried duck egg in the middle. IMG_1132 IMG_1141

The animals grazed the lawn today. I almost bumped into a sheep while swinging and July got up on the picnic table to have snack with us.IMG_1201 IMG_1218 IMG_1238 IMG_1249IMG_1255 IMG_1258

Happy May!


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5 thoughts on “Morels

  1. Wow I knew the farm was a special place but your pictures and description really bring it to life! The morels could also be compared to seaweed! Bibiimbop looks delicious and I don´t know if I have ever had duck eggs. Thanks for post Sophie and happy sweet fifteen

  2. Hi Sophie, this is Ana! I loved your blog post and hope you write more! There is a picture of your mom on my moms blog, from a few weeks ago! I hope we can see you all again soon!

    • Thanks Ana!
      Have a great time at Ocracoke Island! Maybe we can get together when you are back. Great to hear from you. I enjoy looking at your blog.

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