April 30th

April has been wonderfully full of friends, family, animals and fresh food at Arcadia Farm.DSCF9317DSCF8966DSCF9243DSCF9259DSCF9261DSCF9265

My 15th birthday was last week! A tea party on the cabin porch, samosas, ice cream cake, and my very own kayak! DSCF9154DSCF9164DSCF9167DSCF9189DSCF9194DSCF9202DSCF9161

The last baby goat of the spring was born the day before my birthday. Primavera’s proud mama is Spring.DSCF9141

I think that this year’s kids are the prettiest we’ve had yet in our 8 years of goat keeping.  The final count was 6 doelings and 6 bucklings.DSCF9096DSCF9128DSCF9126DSCF9043The kids names are:  Bronson and Alcott, Maury and Goshen, Aurora and Borealis, Marta and Gretl, (Liesl’s kids), Penelope, Primavera, and two still to name.DSCF8869DSCF8855DSCF8838  Even though I always want to keep everybody, many of the babies are for sale.  Except for Primavera who is a Nubian/Mini Lamancha cross, they are all purebred Nubians, registrable and from good milking lines. Please leave a comment or call (540) 254-3247 if you are interested in kids or year old bucks.

Yeah for milk and cheese! Here is yesterday’s Halloumi and kefir bread and apprentice cheesemaker, William (who really likes cheese curds!)DSCF9313DSCF9218

There are also 5 lambs out the pasture and many more to come!DSCF9351DSCF9343DSCF9254DSCF8885

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9 thoughts on “April 30th

  1. Sophie,
    hope you don’t mind that I sent it on to lots of relatives and friends. Beautiful pictures. Love Omi

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