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We spent last weekend high in the mountains of West Virginia, skiing. We rented a very cute cabin in Canaan Valley State Park, 10 minutes away from  Whitegrass where we spent our days. Whitegrass has 50 km of great cross country and telemark trails, some of them groomed, that wind  through beautiful wilderness up and over the mountain looking down into Canaan Valley. There were shelters along the trails with warm  fires going, ammo boxes of snacks and bird seed that chickadees ate out of my hand!   The people there were wonderful…funky, funny, welcoming, and friendly. They make you feel like you are one of the family.  The lodge was so great, especially for Ola and William. There is one main room full of snow gear with wood stoves to  warm up around, old time  music blasting, and a natural food deli with DELICIOUS food. It was so nice to come in from  skiing and grab a bowl of hot soup, a drink, and a cookie from the deli. We ate dinner there one night which was so much fun; there was even live music!

The skiing was AMAZING! It snowed the entire time we were there, putting 12 inches of light, perfect powder on top of the two feet already there!  It couldn’t have been better! We skied A LOT, mostly cross country, but I also took a Telemark lesson and had fun attempting  to carve turns on the big hills. The twins did not approve of the neat pull-behind zip up sleds; they wanted to ski too!  So we got them miniature skis and they had a blast skiing around and going down the hill between our legs! I didn’t know that they made skis that tiny, but they do!

There was also great skiing in the state park out the door of our cabin, and we ate burritos at Hellbenders, in the nearby town of Davis, WV.

We highlighted everywhere we skied on the map and there is a picture of the map in the slideshow.We explored most of the trails at Whitegrass and I’m so excited to ski the rest next time we go.  It was a fabulous trip and a great ending to winter.


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2 thoughts on “Whitegrass

  1. THANKS for sharing, Sophie. It all looks glorious, and to think that Ola and William were totally into it too. Davis, WV, isn’t far from where Brook grew up (Oakland, MD). I’m passing this along for him to enjoy too.

  2. Thanks Sophie. I sure wish I had been on this trip! Whitegrass looks like a winter wonderland and how about all that fresh snow! I especially like your telemark skiing technique, which you undoubtedly learned from your pop who was quite the expert at this form of skiing also. Also, I loved those twins on short skis. We need more pics of Mom next time. Hard to believe that spring is right around the corner. Take care. Love, Grandpa

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