Another day, another lamb

This season’s fourth lamb was born this evening. So far this year we have had all ram lambs. A thunderstorm was coming in from Bedford/Peaks of Otter during labor, but everyone is tucked away for the night and still the rain isn’t here yet. I’m hoping for a soaking, because all kinds of herbs – lemon verbena, marjorams, cilantro, cutting celery, bay, lavender, lion’s mane, lemon thyme, calendula – went in to the ground today. Finally.
Tonight in the sheep pasture Sophie saw a firefly. I’m glad there is something out there besides cicadas. One of our khaki Campbell ducks eats cicadas – I saw her in the front yard eating them off of the fennel and echinacea, and then she hopped in the baby pool that I’d forgotten to empty. No pictures of that, but here is the new lamb, and a tiny glimpse of Molly the puppy, too. Good night.

Sophie monitoring labor, with moon and storm over Bedford County.

First nursing.

First-time mama.


Sophie putting Molly to bed at the barn.

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2 thoughts on “Another day, another lamb

  1. That pink and blue sky sure is pretty. We still haven’t gotten the rain. It’s a beautiful evening. I know you want it but I don’t. I need things to dry out around my barn. Maybe it will rain in Arcadia and not Natural Bridge Station.

    Congratulations on the lamb.

  2. Well, what wonderful images for me to go to bed with right now. Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful day. (Of course, realism reminds me the day had some less beautiful moments, but still these are among those to cherish totally.) I’ve been loving the photos–Sophie’s birthday, William drawing, Ola doing a backbend from her seat for the photo, goats in the fields. And the Wendell Berry acceptance speech tho’ not read closely was much appreciated!
    Brook and I are looking forward to seeing some Arcadians this weekend!—tho’ not the goats or chickens or puppy, alas….

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