Great Pyrenees pups for sale

Our faithful, hardworking, patient Great Pyrenees Stella is retiring from official farm duty. She will still live in the pastures with the goats, sheep and poultry, but there will be more sunbathing and less fence-patrolling. A few months ago she had her last litter, and those pups are ready for their new positions as LGDs – livestock guardian dogs.

The puppies were introduced to the goats in their early weeks, and since then have had extensive training from parents Stella and Beau (the proud papa who is also here at Arcadia Farm); from Sophie who teaches them farm etiquette; from Caleb the corgi who thinks he is a Pyrenees; from the goats who sometimes run from them and sometimes butt them; and from the (human) twins who teach them that they will have to tolerate a certain amount of tugging and squeezing and human adoration.

All of the puppies are pure white – not a one of them got the badger markings that you sometimes see in the breed. They have received duck egg yolks, bone broths, goat colostrum, and organ meats – yum (check out the Weston A. Price Foundation if you are curious about that diet). All of the puppies except one are female! The male has moved to the Scottsville area, but if you are interested in a female, please contact us. We would love for each of these puppies to have the opportunity to express it’s true nature as a working dog, a livestock guardian dog.

Tomorrow’s entry – goats!

First days.

Sometimes we all need a break…

Two-week-old pup with one-day-old Nubian.

Stella and pups.

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