A tour of Busatti by Sophie

There is a factory in Anghiari called Busatti that makes beautiful, quality textiles. Ancient carding machines work local wool which is dyed using natural dyes they make themselves using onions and walnuts, etc. The Busatti family has been running the factory since 1842 but it’s been in Anghiari for centuries and during world war 2 the Germans occupied it, using it for an armory. They now have stores all over Italy, Canada, America, Australia and Thailand.
Mama and Ola and I went to the shop and went downstairs where all the fabrics are made. We got a whole tour of the factory from a very nice man who half way through we realized was Mr. Busatti! It is loud and wonderful down there. A group of people from Scotland joined us after a while. They knew alot about textiles and we ended up getting a tour of the family office filled with portraits and ancient books and even his mother’s old apartment which is now used as a sort of monument to her and is where people stay who are visiting the factory, for example Nicole Kidman had just stayed there.
Since the Busattis have been there so long I learned a lot about history also. We hope to go back again when the machines are running, we got there right after they stopped but here are some pictures.

Mr. Busatti and the factory.

This is a design that is being made for a family and is only theirs, it can’t be sold for the first six months. It took three women two months just to set up the design!

The tour.

The view of Anghiari off of the porch of Busatti. See why we love it here?!

Spools of beautifully colored yarn.

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