Lucky days, lucky life

Ciao! As usual, thinking of you all. Here’s the latest from Toscana.

Sophie went to Anghiari with our host Brent today, to be in a television feature on food and culture with him, recorded in the piazza. I’m hoping we will get to see the show. Later in the day Brent taught her to make fresh pasta. We hadn’t seen much of Brent since his return a few days ago- he is busy catching up, buying cattle, preparing for olive oil season, gathering chestnuts in his thousand acre woods (really) by motorcycle, and being on tv! A Renaissance man! Did I mention he bakes his own bread? Or the pilots license?

It will be hard to leave this place-we finally got rain the last few days and the fields are greening as leaves turn yellow. A “slow town” is an amazing thing- Anghiari has all the tradition with any necessary modern conveniences. And these hills – no street lights, no traffic, clusters of stone houses, pheasant and boars, grapes and olives and chestnuts, good folks. A neighbor invited us in yesterday (we saw her out gathering chestnuts while we were on a walk) and her kitchen where we visited said it all- traditional fireplace with seats beside, wood stove, Mary Magdalene on the wall, big family table in the center of the room, immaculate marble floors, Tuscan cake with red wine and cocacola for the guests, pear juice and biscuits for the babies. And no idea what we were saying and vice versa but a great visit anyway.

One of these days we will have to write about chestnut honey. And the chestnuts Thorpe has been roasting on the woodstove recently. And Sophie’s music lessons, where she’s learning to play old Italian songs on her fiddle. And the scorpions that live here. And the porcupines. And the crows with lavender-colored backs.

Ricotta basket hat.

Brent teaching Sophie to make pasta.

Sophia’s pasta.

William at the Lambourghini tractor store.

Mama finally finished knitting Sophie’s sweater – in time for Ola. Barely.

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2 thoughts on “Lucky days, lucky life

  1. I love when you write and tell us what you’re doing. The photos are always great too though.

    When you come home we should make pasta together. I have the same pasta maker Brent does but I haven’t used it in over a year. I will now after reading your blog.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying yourselves and can’t wait to see you when you get home.

    P.S. Fiona is doing great!

  2. What a treasure of pictures and words! We are loving being able to participate vicariously. Great call making this trip to this place at this time!
    Thank you, thank you. And those babies are more animated and adorable with every posting.

    Mary Hughes

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