We hope you all are doing well. Italy is treating us kindly. Internet access is still scarce and the IPhone our only means. But we love this phone almost as much as Sarah, our gps’ voice. “Please make a Uturn as soon as possible,” Sarah often says, steady as ever with her British accent. Thorpe likes driving here, and Kirsten refuses to do so. Perfecto!

The babies are standing on their own for brief spurts. Falling alot-hard tiles in the homes here. They’re eating figs and goat cheese faster than the wild boars at night outside our window. They share in the good liver spread and other yummies, egg yolks from Brent’s hens-gallena. Brent shares access to his cantina, a sort of root cellar with vats of olive oil and wine he makes, root crops, preserved veggies, and a freezer of meats. There are still tomatoes, melon, leeks, and onion in the garden, and we’ve put in a fall garden too. Many good meals out, too. The best either Il Refugio down the road near Michelangelo’s childhood home or Castello di Sorci, an all u can eat/drink peasant style Tuscan grub near Piero della Fracesca’s Madonna del Parto. Everywhere we go they fill our wine glasses without prompting, Sophie’s too! She says, “Gross.”

Kirsten has been leading the farm tours/tastings for English-speaking groups, but Ola has been stealing the show. We’re in the process of cutting back the many Olive trees in preparation for harvest. We love working with both Valerio and Brent. We look forward to Brent’s return since he speaks English. But being with Valerio is good for our Italian.

Warm days, cool nights. Shots of pheasant hunters and setters barking each day. Boar everywhere–too many, damaging stuff. The locals are warm. Ola and William draw a crowd. Not too many speak English, but usually not too far away someone speaks “a leetle.”

The walks in afternoons for babies’ naps are wild and lovely and steep with hills and old stone places and good views to admire. They are bringing in the tobacco nearby and curing it in barns for Tuscan cigars; when the wind is right, the smell is very fine.

We found Sophie a fiddle, so the little valley is filled with old time tunes too. Hopefully she’ll pick up some traditional Italian tunes for her repertoire.

More adventures in store. We miss Sigi and Oli and Mans and Helga in Munich; our time there was so nice. Thank you. And we miss our friends and family in the US too. We think and speak of you often.

Take care. Arrivaderci!

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