After a crazy drive…

out of Alps and into industrial zones, we get off the Autobahn and head into the hills, closer to our six week work-exchange at Valle di Mezzo outside Anghiari. It’s getting dark, both babies yelling, we stop for gas at some exit.

I ask a nice-seeming fellow if he knows of any b&b. After many language barrier moments, I realize he’s telling me to follow him 3 km to agriturismo. He runs it. He also has gelleni, Italian for twins. So we follow and have a lovely night on a busy farm called Clorofila. Mauricio, his twin sons, wife, brother, and many others on the compound.

Another good pizza oven.

Sophie at Clorofila swimming pool in the morning. Much warmer here than the Alps. Nice round bales!

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One thought on “After a crazy drive…

  1. I love that – hay next to the pool. Your pictures are great. Hard to believe they’re taken on an I-phone. What’s also cool is that you stopped to ask for directions to a b&b and happened to ask a guy who had the agritourismo. Would that ever happen in the US?

    Thanks for posting more. This is great.

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