Greetings and a Brief Introduction

Welcome to Arcadia Farm. We’re a family of five living a full life sandwiched up against the Alleghenies just west of the Blue Ridge. The James River is a mile down the road, and across the bridge a ways you come to national forest with creeks, waterfalls, and good woods and swimming holes. We raise Nubian dairy goats, sheep, Great Pyrenees(livestock guardian dogs), ducks, chickens, and a variety of other critters, and we garden and heat with wood and generally do-it-yourself with building maintenence and the raising and gathering of food from healthy soil. If we’re purists, we’re sloppy about it; mainly, we like having our hands in the source of our food and other nourishments. Many dear friends live nearby and help us. We hope you will enjoy following our adventures domestic and wild, near and abroad.

Here is a sampler of photos from six years of living here.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ll introduce ourselves in a forthcoming post and tell you about a big adventure coming up real soon.

Until then, all very best,

Arcadia Farm

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